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Hello, hello! Thanks for joining us. This is a shout out post, honoring the fabulous finds, suggestions and collaboration from readers & followers.


“The Jasmine Dialogues”

What?: A blog about “ecology, psychology, anthropology, art, activism, endurance”. Written by an ultra runner, this blog is about nature’s truth, found through distance running (one of the many perfect definitions of “bio-cadence”!).

Why?: The writer seems to discover his words by bouncing them along the cadence of his runner’s stride. He entices multiple themes, welcoming them into the rhythm of his breath. This blog opens the senses, dropping morsels of magic onto the reader’s skin, one after another. Upon finishing a post by “The Jasmine Dialogues”, my spirit is resonating in the frequencies of compassion and hope.

Shout Out: My dear husband- thank you for recommending this.

“Zero-Waste California Home”

What?: A concise and instructive article about the sustainable living practices of a family in Mill Valley, CA. “The less I have, the richer I feel. Stuff weighs you down.”

Why?: Biocadence seeks to find (and encourage others to find) the balance wherein sustainable living increases quality of life and adjustments do not feel sacrificial. This family has artfully defined their own bio-cadence by embracing the abundance found in simplicity and crafting a home out of it. (Zero Waste Home Blog)

Shout Out: Shannon- a dear friend and soul sibling I’m delighted to reconnect with. Thank you for sharing!

Hariyo Chowk

What?: An organization building an urban plot in Kathmandu. They are filling it with edible landscaping, surrounding it with art, and teaching the community through rejuvenating the soil.

Why?: Hariyo Chowk is infusing bio-cadence into Kathmandu. donates a portion of each sale to organizations promoting sustainable living. We celebrated Earth Day (in part), by making our first donation to Hariyo Chowk!

Shout Out: Give a Shit about Nature, a Facebook page defending the planet with a no-nonsense approach and splashes of humor. Thanks for sharing this on the Biocadence Facebook page!

Alonzo King LINES Ballet

What?: This ballet company mixes classic ballet with modern dance and hires world class athletes to perform artful choreography.

Why?: Each dance is an athletic feat. In our quest to find harmony, we often feel that we are balancing on a tight-rope (thanks, Beau at Evolving Creations, for this imagery). The LINES ballet manifests this balance in every layer of their performance. From the push/pull expression of their character interaction to the delicate balance of lightweight strength in the ballerinas’ bodies, the details infuse an essence of dualistic bio-cadence into the audience.

Shout Out: My mom. I can’t imagine going to the ballet with anyone else… as she is the only person I know who loves ballet as I do!

*Anticipating the show, I couldn’t resist painting ballerinas. Almost done!!!

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The Vegetarian Myth“, by Lierre Keith

What?: This is a book about health, sustainability and politics. With piercing clarity and flashes of anger, Lierre Keith shares her arduous process of abandoning her vegan diet.

Why?: This book teaches us why a vegetarian/vegan diet may not be the most sustainable option. It also teaches us why a vegetarian/vegan diet may take more lives than it saves. For more about my personal thoughts on this, read: Is Eating Meat Sustainable?

Shout Out: My nutrition mentor and dear brother, Marcus Wolford, gave me this book as a Christmas gift. I’m certain that it changes the lives of every one of it’s readers. It has changed mine.

A huge shout out to the blogs that mentioned my articles. Thank you! Keep up the great work:

The Earth Patriot

a diet for human physiology

Honorable Mentions:

Responsible Bathroom: I love this site… the silent communication in the visual, tracking water savings commitments, as a drop splashes the map… Thank you Melinda!

The Hub: A place (geographical and technological) to share solutions for a better world. Thank you Cheri!

“The Pizza Box Recycling Mystery”: This article teaches us why soiled pizza boxes are not recyclable. Contaminating the recycling process may cost up to $700 Million a year. Thanks for sharing, Erin! Thanks Liz, for sharing that you compost the soiled boxes through the municipal system. This is a great incentive for consumers to solicit pizza operations that do not use bleached boxes!

The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet: A daily blog about a “Mom Testing the Recipes of Life…Living Sweet & Savory…and Sustainable!”

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About Biocadence

Hello! I’m Annie Tichenor, Founder of Biocadence, LLC ( I hope to ignite a path toward over-consumption recovery, global sibling interconnectedness, and quality-of-life design. A few years ago, I began measuring my impact on the environment. Since then I’ve analyzed my energy-use habits while researching the impact of over-consumption on the global hunger epidemic, global relations and global quality of life. This process has driven me to notice the disparity between my environmental impact in the past and my footprint goal for the future. My drive to change my own habits has evolved into a desire to share my strategies. I crafted the Biocadence Recipe and the Impact/Disturbance (ID) Model, to illustrate the critical role of behavioral sustainability in the sustainable lifestyle transition process. Biocadence is focused on increasing the accessibility of sustainable living and facilitating the rhythm of humanity in harmony with nature. The vision of Biocadence is to build a community of environment-lovers who come together to leverage each other’s knowledge and celebrate sustainable living accomplishments. Learn about the Biocadence Recipe and ID Model:

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