Today’s Thoughts on Behavioral Change & Sustainability

I have come to understand that over-consumption is, in many ways, similar to any other addiction. In my sustainable living transition I take one step at a time, enjoying the process. I observe and analyze each area of my life, incorporating sustainability and global issues as an element of my daily decision-making process, and ensuring that I take commensurate joy from the consumption I choose to engage in.

I am currently in a space where multiple elements of my life are evolving at once. As I adjust my behaviors, surroundings and priorities, my brain synapses are changing. I am less capable of handling the consequence of maltreatment of my body… or might I simply be less tolerant of it? I want children one day. I want meaningful work… from every angle… work that gives back the energy it takes. I am resigning to reality, and learning about the contentment it brings with its sadness. I am releasing illusions of perfection and fabricated safety. It’s a BIG time, not to be underestimated. I sense that absorbing it now surrenders me to the blueprint my soul may have planned for this life, helping me to avoid the proverbial mid-life crisis.

Source: Midlife Crisis Checklist

What does “surrendering to my blueprint” mean? This is where I gain traction in my over-consumption recovery. This is the substantive detail we should share with one another, in order to contribute momentum to the recovering over-consumer movement.

Surrendering to my blueprint means taking inventory of behavior and activity, and being purely honest in the process. What do I really want? In what areas do my behaviors and choices align with my goals? In what areas do they not? Spawning the frightening discoveries that originate so much breath-taking art: Why do some of my behaviors & choices not facilitate my goal achievement?

If I continue on this courageous path of self-uncovering, I come to an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT of self-love and trust with the following question: What is truly necessary to change the behaviors and choices that do not align with my goals? What kind of valiant faith must I have in myself? How much time, space, and energy will it take? What do my answers mean about my career path, daily activities, recreation, and relationships? Must I adjust them, in order to realize my dreams?

When I have honest, fully formed answers to these questions, I have a major decision ahead of me: Am I willing? Is it worth it? I visualize what I really want. I imagine what is necessary to achieve it. I place the two beside one other…

Am I willing? Is it worth it?

Source: The Fork in the Road

I recognize why so many of us don’t choose to align our behavior and choices with our goals. Often times it isn’t worth it and we are not willing. If we do not go through the process of inventory outlined above, we may not recognize how much work is required to achieve what we “want”. It likely involves sacrifice and discomfort, repeated rebirth, and a deliberate evolving of self.

Many of us torture ourselves because we underestimate what it takes to reach our goals, and thus beat ourselves up for not achieving them. On the other hand, many decide that they are willing and that it is worth it. Fully committed to the necessary sacrifice and discomfort, they may find a sweet surprise. The net process may be much more enjoyable than any alternative. As we resign ourselves to swimming upstream toward our rainbow, might we find that the force of the current is an illusion? 

“The Tao is dark and unfathomable. How can it make her radiant? Because she let’s it.” (Source: Tao Te Ching)

Photo by Nicolas Valentin
“Life is short.” “Life is long.” Each quip has resonated with me, relative to specific circumstances. What I’m certain of today is this: Life is not long enough to pass time unsure of why we do what we do. Life is not long enough to engage in behavior that distracts from, or destructs our achievement crafting process. As behavioral changes impact our purpose-driven experience, we must practice the grace we offer others. What do our systems (“mind”, intellect, body, instinct, soul, spirit, chi) tell us today? Our collective systems are working so hard to communicate with us. They will never stop knocking on our door, offering guidance in the form of valuable information (whether it be serene contentment on one end, or pain/fatigue/anxiety on the other). Perhaps the knocking is a big congratulatory smooch, no matter the form it takes. Perhaps it means that we are ready to listen.
Written by Annie Tichenor, Founder of Biocadence
I dedicate this article to my husband Dan Tichenor and my friend Rachel Sutton. Dan has the most stunning intellect I have ever met. Without meaning to, quietly, modestly… he teaches me about key components of behavioral change and achievement crafting: patience, love and compassion. He sprinkles each of my days with snapshots of heaven. Rachel is a social worker, soldier for love, and spirited behavioral change expert. She speeds my processing by sharing her courage, vivacious wit, and keen interest in improving the world.


Lao-tzu, “Tao Te Ching”. Trans. Stephen Mitchell. Harper & Row, 1988.

Midlife Crisis Checklist

The Fork in the Road

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