Biocadence Column for H3O Eco Magazine!



I’m thrilled to announce my column for H3O Eco Magazine, a publication tailored to environmentally conscious consumers in any stage of sustainable living transition. The “3” in “H3O” represents 3 vital focus-points of sustainability: Environment, Economics, and Education. This online digital magazine covers everything from the hottest eco-trends to the basics in living a green lifestyle. Stay tuned for “Biocadence: An Exploration of Sustainability in Books & Films”, in the next issue.

Felicia Phillips is Founder of H3O Eco Magazine, and Co-Founder of H3O Bottling Company, bottling water from atmospheric water generators, using biodegradable bottles. She is enthusiastically active in the recovering over-consumer movement, and consistently involved in sustainable living events. Phillips’ next event promises fun, education, and enlivened inspiration. Check out Midtown EcoFest for details! To my readers in Atlanta, Georgia… maybe I’ll see you there;)!

Please subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in the open field at the top right of this page, and clicking “subscribe”. Biocadence is growing, and will continue to deliver accessibility to sustainable living solutions, and strategies for over-consumption recovery!

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About Biocadence

Hello! I’m Annie Tichenor, Founder of Biocadence, LLC ( I hope to ignite a path toward over-consumption recovery, global sibling interconnectedness, and quality-of-life design. A few years ago, I began measuring my impact on the environment. Since then I’ve analyzed my energy-use habits while researching the impact of over-consumption on the global hunger epidemic, global relations and global quality of life. This process has driven me to notice the disparity between my environmental impact in the past and my footprint goal for the future. My drive to change my own habits has evolved into a desire to share my strategies. I crafted the Biocadence Recipe and the Impact/Disturbance (ID) Model, to illustrate the critical role of behavioral sustainability in the sustainable lifestyle transition process. Biocadence is focused on increasing the accessibility of sustainable living and facilitating the rhythm of humanity in harmony with nature. The vision of Biocadence is to build a community of environment-lovers who come together to leverage each other’s knowledge and celebrate sustainable living accomplishments. Learn about the Biocadence Recipe and ID Model:

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