Biocadence Speaking Engagement ~ The Midtown EcoFest!

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I was invited to give a speech at the:

Midtown EcoFest ~ November 3-4, 2012 ~ Atlanta, Georgia ~ Hostessed by Felicia Phillips, Founder of H3O Eco Magazine

Enjoy the photos of our weekend (both business and recreation), and stay tuned for a video of my speech about the joy of sustainable living!

The venue ~ Millenium Gate Park

With Felicia Phillips, event hostess & Founder of H3O Eco Magazine. Thank you for inviting us, and bringing passionate entrepreneurs together! You hostessed with a big smile, calm spirit, and smooth trouble-shooting.

I achieved my goal of delivering an enthusiastic message AND having fun doing it! We met many passionate supporters of the over-consumption recovery movement, and took some time to explore the energetic Atlantic Station as well.

Barbara Pinson of Pinson Cosmetics, Anti-Aging Solutions spoke just before me, getting the crowd involved in Anti-Aging curriculum! I’m giving her products a trial run… one I’m sure to see immediate results from. Check out the Pinson Cosmetics product line!

Later that day Bobby Wallace (organic fertilizer pioneer and affordable REAL food entrepreneur) took the stage. Check out Going Green Organics.

With Tana Torrano, founder of OSBO. To learn more about how to equip your business for the future, check out the OSBO website. Tana’s visions for virtual tradshows have really stuck with me! I look forward to writing about the OSBO focus on disaster relief, as well. This powerful businesswoman is a well of creative ideas, and it is quite evident that she loves her work.

Peggy Johnson, owner of Fabulous Pooches, shared her brilliant disaster relief vest. As she showed us the contents, I got chills… It really appears that she has thought of everything! She wishes that she’d had it ready for Hurricane Sandy victims, and is speeding it to market as we speak! Linda Gillespie of Early Alert, Inc, demonstrated the innovative siberian ice-pack. It is reusable, non-hazardous/toxic, and has a 5 year shelf life. It is a must- have item for disaster preparedness.

We met such passionate, creative people. One memorable introduction was to this angelito;).

Jump-tastic funhouse!

Eco-trade Global… A visit with the brilliant and energetic Laurie Cheshire Sossa made quite an impression on me. In fact, this week I dreamt that I was at a tradeshow, using alternative currency (unconscious processing…  foreshadowing perhaps?). I suppose I must mention that the currency I dreamt of was beeswax candles…? Dreamy indeed.

Rhoades Car. 4 wheeled bicycles that drive like cars! Now, this is what I call hybrid, folks!

Christina Coleman, Organic Enthusiast shared the NYR Organic US Line. The Bee Lovely Collection is my favorite. I wholeheartedly support recovering our diminishing bee population! How? Stay tuned for the Biocadence holiday DIY project!

We tasted a scrumptious spicy honey. Atlanta Bee Company gift boxes are quite tempting!

I love my work. Happy, easy smile after a sunny day of fun, and vibrant connection!

Dan researched sustainable restaurant options. Hudson North is a “pop-up” in Atlantic Station. It’s around for a few more weeks, and oh-so-yummy!

Thank you to my handsome husband, and Biocadence CFO, Dan Tichenor, for coming with me, supporting me, offering tips on my speech (every single one of which I implemented), and for taking all the photos and video footage!

Fig heaven. Yes.

Chicken taco. Yes.

It’s true. Eating waffles at night makes me dance. How about you?

Enjoying the warm evening at the Sky Bar.

Bonus pic!

How did I prepare for the speech? I wrote, and adjusted, and practiced, and then practiced some more. When it came down to the hour before speech time… I found that karate chopping the air made me feel quite confident. It calmed the nerves as Dan and I shared a giggle. I felt assertive, alive, and prepared, and karate chopping seemed the perfect expression. Frankly, I’d be surprised to hear that any public speaker didn’t utilize this fantastic preparation technique.

Yes, I’m a product of the 80’s.

Yes, I watched “Karate Kid” 100 times.

And yes, “You’re the best around; no one’s gonna ever bring you down” are fantastic lyrics for pump-up mode!!!

Squeeze hugs to my Biocadence followers! Thanks for reading!!!

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    Wow, you’re doing wonderful things. Keep up the good work! And you look fabulous!

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