Thanksgiving ~ Defining Our Gratitude!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! It also happens to be my husband’s birthday this year!!

I like to take inventory of what I’m thankful for everyday… Mostly because it’s fun. I also practice happiness-crafting out of utility. Focus on optimism and deliberate thought selection endows increased quality of life, focus and productivity. This year, on a single day, I celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday AND the birth of a man who inspires my belief in human goodness!

Maybe I will explode from delight??…

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Okay, I know that combustion is unlikely, however certain I feel that it may happen! I will do a lot of giggling and generous expression, to be sure. Practicing gratitude feels even more compelling this year- a day of abundance and celebration, doubled, packaged and wrapped in bows!

I enjoy sharing precisely what I’m thankful for (below), and will love to hear gratitude-defining contributions from you!

– I’m thankful for the community of like minded over-consumption recovery enthusiasts I have connected with. Thank you for teaching me so much every day! I feel the movement growing… Boom, holla holla!!! A big squeeze hug to each of you!

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– I’m thankful for my trials, however painful. In facing my struggles I’ve found a route to abundance, and a path to rebirth!

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– I’m thankful for my support system. It is precious indeed, to count on someone to offer space, respect, patience, trust, allowing, and quiet wisdom. To find one person who offers this love consistently, defines fortune. To have more than one?… I’m not sure we have a word for that yet?!!!

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– I’m thankful for mystery and for questions unanswered. The more I learn, live and age, the more mystery I find. Questions unanswered fuel my curiosity and my desire to fervently continue seeking. They motivate me to believe in what I cannot see, hear, nor know with certainty. Delight in mystery has become the foundation of my smile and the root of my laughter. It is consistent and enduring in the ever-shifting harmony of nature and humanity. Mystery is a dependable companion. Kiss on your face, mystery. I love you!

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I’m thankful to my body. She has become a compass for me, guiding much of my decision-making. She whispers suggestions that my mind may not yet access. She does more than offer me mobility and expression. She stores information that I’m not strong enough to process, holds it for me until she knows I can handle it, then loves me enough to yell/holler/scream so that I have to listen up:)! Thank you, thank you.

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Hello! I’m Annie Tichenor, Founder of Biocadence, LLC ( I hope to ignite a path toward over-consumption recovery, global sibling interconnectedness, and quality-of-life design. A few years ago, I began measuring my impact on the environment. Since then I’ve analyzed my energy-use habits while researching the impact of over-consumption on the global hunger epidemic, global relations and global quality of life. This process has driven me to notice the disparity between my environmental impact in the past and my footprint goal for the future. My drive to change my own habits has evolved into a desire to share my strategies. I crafted the Biocadence Recipe and the Impact/Disturbance (ID) Model, to illustrate the critical role of behavioral sustainability in the sustainable lifestyle transition process. Biocadence is focused on increasing the accessibility of sustainable living and facilitating the rhythm of humanity in harmony with nature. The vision of Biocadence is to build a community of environment-lovers who come together to leverage each other’s knowledge and celebrate sustainable living accomplishments. Learn about the Biocadence Recipe and ID Model:

2 responses to “Thanksgiving ~ Defining Our Gratitude!”

  1. Shakti Ghosal says :

    Hi Annie,

    What really resonated with me about your post are the pictures. Taken together they create such imagery!

    Developing an attitude of gratitude is really about the choice we make. I guess it is the choice which steers us at that moment of negative perception creation to seek possibilities and learning.

    Thanks for the post.


    • Biocadence says :

      Wow. Thank you. Since you wrote this I have been using more pictures;)!

      You’re so right. We get to choose our gratitude with each moment. I’m working hard on my waking moments. They are often comprised of negative, foggy thoughts. As I’m pulling into consciousness, I don’t feel connected to the sense of authority over the tone of my thoughts, that I have practiced in my waking moments!

      In sharing, and joy for our work,

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