New Years Dreams and Visions

I have a dear friend I met at work 7-8 years ago. Having worked 11, 12… 13 hour days together, we have fierce mutual respect, and many fun memories to giggle about. Years later, we have something else in common: we often gasp at the same wonders.

For my birthday, it was quite natural for her to join me in writing lyrics late into the night. We cackled, guffawed, and “oohed” and “ahhhed”. We sang, and cackled some more. For her birthday, I joined her in a full-day meditation retreat at the East Bay Meditation Center: “Dream, Believe, and Soar”. Spring Washam was our guide. Her gentle spirit and solid intentions are apparent at first introduction, and reinforced through a day of conscious story-telling, progress-crafting, and meditating. She speaks with clarity and generously offers effervescent joy for life. The experience made me feel like it was my birthday again. What an energizing day!

The retreat began with a focus on joyful moments in childhood, moved into exploration of fear in the early afternoon, and honed in on dreams, visions, and leap-taking in the late afternoon. Meditations were interspersed amongst writing exercises and group discussions. As I read through what I’d written during the retreat, I decided to share my vision via Biocadence. I encourage everyone to take 20 minutes to write your own visions for the future! The New Year is such a great time to set intentions, and craft images for what can be.

My Vision

My space is sparse, clean and crisp. I have given many belongings away. Those that I’ve kept have a purpose and a place.

Yoga Meditation. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

Yoga Meditation. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

My first thoughts upon waking are self-affirming, life-welcoming, and optimistic. I have nutrients, hydration, and my practice of conscious-lifestyle-design.

I am always planning a trip abroad, to explore and write about distinct cultures and how they relate to behavioral change, sustainability, and global conflict.

Nahuel Huapi. Patagonia, Argentina.

Nahuel Huapi. Patagonia, Argentina.

Biocadence has many platforms for community, lifestyle design, and quality-of-life brainstorming, related to over-consumption recovery.

I write in the morning, exercise, meditate, then clean, cook, network, and play in the afternoon.

Wall Art Explorations. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Wall Art Explorations. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have a child. My efforts include constant consideration of alleviating my husband’s workload, such that he can know our child well.

I have boundaries. I am as safe as is possible in human form. I understand that I do not need to tolerate unnecessary pain, to prove that I’ve earned the reward of life. I offer love and compassion to all, in my understanding of our inter-connectedness.

Quiet Meditation. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

Quiet Meditation. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

I have fears, sure, as I am human. I explore my fears, and define their sources. I know what and who I’m afraid of, allowing me to manage risk, and progress without paralysis-inducing traffic jams of mind/body.

I do not only survive. I survive and I thrive. I honor the map that has guided me to relief and wisdom. I share my map openly, to help other survivors write their own maps.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

My journey is never finished; the mystery of my future fuels me to continue with curiosity, awe and wonder. I am homesick… oh, such a sweet response to being human. It drives me to do everything I can to make human existence more like heavenly existence.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day! Squeeze hugs and happy visions from,

Annie at Biocadence

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About Biocadence

Hello! I’m Annie Tichenor, Founder of Biocadence, LLC ( I hope to ignite a path toward over-consumption recovery, global sibling interconnectedness, and quality-of-life design. A few years ago, I began measuring my impact on the environment. Since then I’ve analyzed my energy-use habits while researching the impact of over-consumption on the global hunger epidemic, global relations and global quality of life. This process has driven me to notice the disparity between my environmental impact in the past and my footprint goal for the future. My drive to change my own habits has evolved into a desire to share my strategies. I crafted the Biocadence Recipe and the Impact/Disturbance (ID) Model, to illustrate the critical role of behavioral sustainability in the sustainable lifestyle transition process. Biocadence is focused on increasing the accessibility of sustainable living and facilitating the rhythm of humanity in harmony with nature. The vision of Biocadence is to build a community of environment-lovers who come together to leverage each other’s knowledge and celebrate sustainable living accomplishments. Learn about the Biocadence Recipe and ID Model:

4 responses to “New Years Dreams and Visions”

  1. Tammy says :

    That was really lovely! Thanks.

  2. Shakti Ghosal says :

    Hi Annie,

    I must confess I am visiting your space after a break but I must say I sense the same positivity and hope which I felt in the past. I wish Biocadence and you great success in 2013!



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