Eliminating Waste Via Pesto Cream Sauce

Cooking from recipes lowers our margin for error, usually ensuring a delicious outcome. On the other hand, it often requires a grocery run. Eliminate waste, saving gas, money, and time, by working from a baseline recipe and swapping-in ingredients you already have in the kitchen. Added bonus: Although I don’t show this in the example below, note that ingredient swapping can also help us eliminate use of out-of-season ingredients.

Last week, I decided that I needed a healthy vegetable and chicken lunch. To add a flavorful topping, I made an indulgent Pesto Cream Sauce. Of the 7 ingredients in the Gorgonzola Cream Sauce baseline recipe I used, I only had 3:

  1. Pinch of salt
  2. 1 TBS butter
  3. 4 cloves garlic

I swapped the remaining 4 ingredients, and embellished the sauce with additional ingredients that were fresh and ready to be used!

Ingredients I swapped:

  1. 1 TBS Butter => Grassfed Butter (Of course!)
  2. 1 TBS All Purpose Flour => Coconut Flour (I don’t use AP flour, for health purposes)
  3. 1.25 Cups Low fat milk => .5 Cup Half & Half, .75 Cups Water
  4. 1/4 Cups Cream Cheese => 1/4 Cup Goat Cheese
  5. 1/2 Cup Gorgonzola Cheese => I used the 2TBS I had left, and added a little more goat cheese and another pinch of salt

Embellishments – Eliminate Waste by adding ingredients you already have, that need to be used:

  1. Chopped tomato – The evening before, we’d had tacos; a tupperware of left-over tomato was beckoning. 
  2. Basil – A carton of basil, ready and fresh… how could I resist throwing this bundle in the food processor and morphing my creation into a pesto cream sauce??? #JustDoIt!

I saved:

  1. .10 gallons of gas
  2. An estimated $12 on groceries
  3. At least 45 minutes for the shopping trip
  4. Waste – Remaining AP flour, milk, and cream cheese would have likely gone unused

DARE I SAY THE OUTCOME WAS TASTIER? I DARE! Easy, given my love for pesto and tomato.

The process:

Add butter, crushed garlic, & flour at medium heat. Brown for 2-3 mins.

Add butter, crushed garlic, & flour at medium heat. Brown for 2-3 mins.

Slowly stir in half & half and water.


Add cheeses and basil. Stir until it mix melts and thickens.

Add cheeses and basil. Stir until it mix melts and thickens.

Add tomato and pinch of salt to taste. Stir and lower heat, until you have desired consistency!

Add tomato and pinch of salt to taste. Stir and lower heat, until you have desired consistency!

Sprinkle onto healthy meal for flavor. Delicious!

Sprinkle onto healthy meal for flavor. Delicious!

Save leftovers!

Save leftovers!

What other baseline recipes allow for easy ingredient swapping? Please share your creations with us! Thanks for reading. Squeeze hugs from Annie at Biocadence.

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4 responses to “Eliminating Waste Via Pesto Cream Sauce”

  1. A New Path says :

    Yum! I am going to try that. So many things taste better homemade and save on packaging and chemicals, as well as being cheaper.

  2. OrganicREADY says :

    Wow, that looks so good.

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