Hello! Welcome to Biocadence, a blog about the triumphs, hiccups, and day-in-the-life learnings of the sustainable living transitionist! I’m Annie Tichenor, Founder of Biocadence, LLC. I hope to ignite a path toward over-consumption recovery, global sibling interconnectedness, and quality-of-life design. Join me in celebrating the recollection of our unique bio-cadence.

In August 2009, I began measuring my impact on the environment. Since then I’ve analyzed my energy-use habits while researching the impact of over-consumption on the global hunger epidemic, global relations and global quality of life. This process has driven me to notice the disparity between my environmental impact in the past and my footprint goal for the future.

My drive to change my own habits has evolved into a desire to share my strategies. I crafted the Biocadence Recipe and the Impact/Disturbance (ID) Model, to illustrate the critical role of behavioral sustainability in the sustainable lifestyle transition process. Biocadence is focused on increasing the accessibility of sustainable living and facilitating the rhythm of humanity in harmony with nature.

The vision of Biocadence is to build a community of environment-lovers who come together to leverage each other’s knowledge and celebrate sustainable living accomplishments.

Learn about the Biocadence Recipe and ID Model: http://www.biocadence.org/biocadence.html

5 responses to “About”

  1. space2green says :

    Hi Annie, what made you decide in Aug 2009 that you wanted to measure your impact on the environment? Just curious about what tips people ‘over the edge’ into a state of awareness!
    Also, I noticed that your Gravatar profile doesn’t seem to show a link to this blog, you may want to check it out.
    Really great posts, very personal, thanks!

    • Biocadence says :

      Hi Julia!

      Thank you, thank you for the heads up about my Gravatar profile. I fixed it right away… but couldn’t help but wonder when I would have noticed the mistake, if you hadn’t alerted me. I really appreciate it:)!

      In 8/2009, I celebrated my 28th birthday. I was not concerned by the age. But, I was terrified by the acknowledgement that I didn’t vividly remember being 26 or 27. I worked so much, that those years just tore by. I took a sabbatical and contemplated what I would need to change in order to be able to afford to leave my career ($ speaking). I analyzed my spending habits, categorizing by “type of purchase”. I was disturbed by what I found. I thought about why I was spending so much, and meditated on what life would be like without the spending. I started to wonder whether living more sustainably and more simply, would improve not only my footprint, but my quality of life as well. Thank goodness for that sabbatical!

      I’m so glad we have “met”, and am enjoying your blog as well. I hope that you will subscribe to Biocadence and come back to tell us what “tipped you over the edge”.


  2. ajaytao2010 says :

    Nice reading about you.

    Thanks. for visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

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