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Eliminating Waste Via Pesto Cream Sauce

Cooking from recipes lowers our margin for error, usually ensuring a delicious outcome. On the other hand, it often requires a grocery run. Eliminate waste, saving gas, money, and time, by working from a baseline recipe and swapping-in ingredients you already have in the kitchen. Added bonus: Although I don’t show this in the example below, note that ingredient swapping can also help us eliminate use of out-of-season ingredients.

Last week, I decided that I needed a healthy vegetable and chicken lunch. To add a flavorful topping, I made an indulgent Pesto Cream Sauce. Of the 7 ingredients in the Gorgonzola Cream Sauce baseline recipe I used, I only had 3:

  1. Pinch of salt
  2. 1 TBS butter
  3. 4 cloves garlic

I swapped the remaining 4 ingredients, and embellished the sauce with additional ingredients that were fresh and ready to be used!

Ingredients I swapped:

  1. 1 TBS Butter => Grassfed Butter (Of course!)
  2. 1 TBS All Purpose Flour => Coconut Flour (I don’t use AP flour, for health purposes)
  3. 1.25 Cups Low fat milk => .5 Cup Half & Half, .75 Cups Water
  4. 1/4 Cups Cream Cheese => 1/4 Cup Goat Cheese
  5. 1/2 Cup Gorgonzola Cheese => I used the 2TBS I had left, and added a little more goat cheese and another pinch of salt

Embellishments – Eliminate Waste by adding ingredients you already have, that need to be used:

  1. Chopped tomato – The evening before, we’d had tacos; a tupperware of left-over tomato was beckoning. 
  2. Basil – A carton of basil, ready and fresh… how could I resist throwing this bundle in the food processor and morphing my creation into a pesto cream sauce??? #JustDoIt!

I saved:

  1. .10 gallons of gas
  2. An estimated $12 on groceries
  3. At least 45 minutes for the shopping trip
  4. Waste – Remaining AP flour, milk, and cream cheese would have likely gone unused

DARE I SAY THE OUTCOME WAS TASTIER? I DARE! Easy, given my love for pesto and tomato.

The process:

Add butter, crushed garlic, & flour at medium heat. Brown for 2-3 mins.

Add butter, crushed garlic, & flour at medium heat. Brown for 2-3 mins.

Slowly stir in half & half and water.


Add cheeses and basil. Stir until it mix melts and thickens.

Add cheeses and basil. Stir until it mix melts and thickens.

Add tomato and pinch of salt to taste. Stir and lower heat, until you have desired consistency!

Add tomato and pinch of salt to taste. Stir and lower heat, until you have desired consistency!

Sprinkle onto healthy meal for flavor. Delicious!

Sprinkle onto healthy meal for flavor. Delicious!

Save leftovers!

Save leftovers!

What other baseline recipes allow for easy ingredient swapping? Please share your creations with us! Thanks for reading. Squeeze hugs from Annie at Biocadence.

America Recycles Day ~ 4 Quick & Easy Tips

4 Quick & Easy Tips to honor America Recycles Day

Biocadence Column for H3O Eco Magazine!



I’m thrilled to announce my column for H3O Eco Magazine, a publication tailored to environmentally conscious consumers in any stage of sustainable living transition. The “3” in “H3O” represents 3 vital focus-points of sustainability: Environment, Economics, and Education. This online digital magazine covers everything from the hottest eco-trends to the basics in living a green lifestyle. Stay tuned for “Biocadence: An Exploration of Sustainability in Books & Films”, in the next issue.

Felicia Phillips is Founder of H3O Eco Magazine, and Co-Founder of H3O Bottling Company, bottling water from atmospheric water generators, using biodegradable bottles. She is enthusiastically active in the recovering over-consumer movement, and consistently involved in sustainable living events. Phillips’ next event promises fun, education, and enlivened inspiration. Check out Midtown EcoFest for details! To my readers in Atlanta, Georgia… maybe I’ll see you there;)!

Please subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in the open field at the top right of this page, and clicking “subscribe”. Biocadence is growing, and will continue to deliver accessibility to sustainable living solutions, and strategies for over-consumption recovery!

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A few weeks ago, we brought home a huge Farmer’s Market bounty, forgetting that our CSA box was scheduled to arrive the same week! How did we handle all that produce?

Quicklinks to Most Popular Biocadence Articles:

“The Hunger Games”… Fiction or Non-Fiction?

What is Ethical Eating?… Is Eating Meat Ethical?

Use Biodegrable Trash Bags!

Embracing the Fulcrum: Reconciling My Belief in the Law of Attraction With My Sustainable Living Transition

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Sustainable Living Triumphs AND Hiccups – 3rd Edition

Hello there!

I asked for comments in my last article: What is Ethical Eating?… Is Eating Meat Ethical?. I was not only pleased to read effort-filled collaboration, I was incredibly impressed by the depth! So, I ask again– will you please share your thoughts with Biocadence? I will positively LOVE to hear about your personal triumphs and hiccups. From Freshman to PhD, every sustainable living transitionist has something we can learn from!

I like to begin my T&H (Triumphs & Hiccups) articles with a word on behavioral sustainability as it relates to environmental sustainability:

My sustainable living focus is not about sacrifice, but quality of life. By understanding the consequences of consumption (for inspiration read “The Hunger Games”… Fiction or Non-Fiction), our consumption becomes more purposeful. Connecting our consumption to its consequences spawns conscious consumption. The practice of consumption-design seeks to maximize the joy that comes from vibrant experience while minimizing meaningless consumptive behavior. I believe that this discipline can pull us into the balance I call bio-cadence.

Biocadence doesn’t call us to give up the activities we hold most dear. Rather, I usher myself and my readers to joyfully punt the robotic consumptive nature that has come to characterize North America. In its place we can invite a lifestyle designed for rich satisfaction. Where meaningless distraction once was, we have space to welcome sincere fulfillment. This balance holds distinct values for each individual and each family unit. Observing and studying our behaviors as they relate to consumption allows us to distinguish our unique bio-cadence.

What sustainable living behaviors are EASY for you to implement… effortless… joyful? What consumptive behaviors are EASY for you to give up? With an emphasis on behavioral sustainability, the impact of the change you make matters, but is not the primary focus. A small permanent adjustment may have much more impact than a large adjustment made once. I recommend beginning with behavioral changes that are effortless, then building upon that foundation by tackling more difficult adjustments.

Now for full disclosure of my own triumphs and hiccups. 1,2,3… Go:


I don’t like shopping for clothes. This has been the case for a few years now. Since there is no temptation at all, this is an easy “pass” for me. Behaviorally sustainable? Yes! However- I should add that I will need a few items soon. All tips on clothing companies with sustainable practices are welcome!

We are cutting out all soy products, and eating very little gluten, grain, legumes, and processed sugar. Our sustainable eating efforts consist of huge servings of veggies cooked with grass-fed butter or coconut oil, and small servings of sustainably farmed meat, or local wild-caught fish. This means that most of our food comes from the farmers market or CSA box (ALL veggies and fruit and ALL fish). There is very little packaging. “No bag please” has become our mantra.

We continue to receive and encourage CSA deliveries! Here’s our most recent CSA art:

I’ve been exploring sustainability apps on my iPad. EcoChallenge is an app that offers specific sustainable living challenges. I signed up for the turn-water-off-while-shampooing-and-conditioning-hair challenge. I completed the 9 days and plan to sustain this behavioral change!

In T&H-2 I mention a strategy I’ve used to limit the number of items I buy at the grocery store (as I work to wean off grocery store solicitation): I don’t use a bag… limiting my purchases to what I can hold in my hands/arms. This is going very well! I have two observations to share with followers who may implement this strategy, in order to eliminate tension with grocers who don’t appreciate this practice:
1- Be ready for quick retrieval of items!
2- Share your “no bag for me, please” request well BEFORE the clerk starts bagging!

In T&H-1 I mention saving the envelopes sent in credit card offers. When appropriate, I’ve used the envelopes, filling the window with a sticky note:

I ensured my recycled toothbrush was re-recycled by sending it back to the manufacturer (Check out my short video for details: “Recycle Your Recycled Toothbrush!”)!!!!

We haven’t used our condo air-conditioning nor heating in 1-2 years. We open the windows in the early morning and evenings to cool the condo down. We have slowly adjusted to the heat, and I can honestly share that it doesn’t bother me. I dreamed that we broke our streak and was so distraught! Here’s hoping it doesn’t get too hot this summer, with appreciation for the olive trees that shade our windows:)!

My husband and I reuse our produce bags and never allow grocers to put our items in plastic bags. Yet, somehow we find a plastic bag in the condo once in a while. I donate these on our walking trail, for dog waste pickup! Props to Walnut Creek!

I haven’t used the dishwasher in months! Washing dishes immediately requires less hot water, less soap, and less time! New discovery– We now need far fewer dishes. I’m contemplating donating much of our kitchenware!

Since T&H-2, I’ve donated 2 sweaters, 3 shirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of glasses, and one skirt!

My husband took a job less than 1 mile from our home. This cuts down on our traveling footprint. Although a short commute was not the #1 concern in his job selection, I wholeheartedly celebrate this fortune!

I was invited to a summer picnic. The hostess suggested I bring a beverage. I brainstormed about something packaging-free… something not found in the grocery stores. I brought a 3 gallon jug of homemade “Spa Water” ~ Ingredients: ice water, farmer’s market fresh: mint, strawberry, pluot, and lemon. It was a hit!!!


I went to the movie theatre twice since T&H-2.

Joel Salatin, a sustainable living mentor of mine, recommends eating more grass-fed ruminants and less chicken. Chicken is such an easy meat to prepare and is so palatable for a newly initiated omnivore. Our goal is to eat less chicken, but this has not been behaviorally sustainable for us.

Once in a while we go to Peet’s Coffee. I always grab my own stir stick and toss it after use. My husband always exclaims and reaches as I throw it away, reminding me that we could both use that stir stick:). I will remember soon!

When in a hurry, I’ve used paper towels, rather than my wonderful cellulose reusable paper towels (for more on these watch my short video: “Reusable Paper Towels“).

I bought a whole chicken and tossed the chicken bones, rather than using them for bone broth! As a new omnivore, it is so hard for me to see bones as a nutrient source. This aspect of my transition is coming more slowly.

We had a power outage. I went outside and took a long walk, in an effort to take advantage of the time. I hadn’t thought to turn off all the light switches, so a few lights came back on in my absence! I will certainly think of this next time!

My sweet bicycle has not been ridden yet this summer. This is a shame. I would like to make it a goal to use the bicycle as transportation around town!

Eating out remains a huge challenge for us. Any tips on how to cut down on this in a behaviorally sustainable way are welcome!!!


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“One Lovely Blog Award”!!!

I am honored to receive the nomination for “One Lovely Blog Award” from Joyness Sparkles!

While there is structure to a blogger’s formal receipt of nomination for this award (thank the blogger who nominated you, nominate 15 blogs & share 8 interesting facts about yourself), each blogger gives a unique flare to the experience. I decided to:

1) Write a rhyme to thank Joyness Sparkles!

2) Make a short video listing the prescribed 8 interesting facts about myself, and

3) Provide hyperlinks to 15 blogs I nominate, along with an explanation of what they mean to me

Biocadence provides me with joy and with drive.
It fuels me to read, to write, and to strive.
I hope to expose, to incense… to shine light,
encouraged by comments, by followers… by “likes”.

But what makes me blush; warms my heart to the core?
Receipt through tradition: “One Lovely Blog Award”!!!
Dear Joyness Sparkles, so sure to perform.
She’s fancy and classy… elegant in her form!!!

With delight and a wink, and in true shout-out fun:
she sparkled her Joyness, in bright shining sun.
So what will this humbling, sweet honor spawn?
What fun do I share here on

A tickle, a poem, a rhyme as it seems:)…
Etiquette will require the following themes:
Torch passing to blogs: a count of fifteen,
and sharing of myself : 8 interesting things.


I nominate the following blogs:

1 & 2: “One Powerful Blog” would be the way to describe the first 2 blogs I nominate. Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk are wildly successful. When it comes down to it, these two blogs have had the largest impression on me:

The Blog of Tim Ferriss

Gary Vaynerchuk

3: The next blog is aesthetically beautiful and calming. It’s about yoga, joy, and finding peace in simple activity. The writer is a self-proclaimed mat-hugger and the stunning model in the photos:


4: After 30 years as a vegetarian, I did not expect to enjoy a blog written by a butcher! The Ethical Butcher focuses on connection to the farm, the animal, and the life-giving energy that animals gift us. Ensuring proper treatment of animals he butchers, he gives thanks and honors a form of magic that we take for granted:

The Ethical Butcher

5: The following blog is written by an ultra-runner and nature lover. The author threads lines of poetic prose, inviting you into the enchanting world that he sees. His truth is found in connection with the visceral, with nature, and with a collective memory. One wonders: is this understanding possible without a 50 mile run under my belt? This is a brilliant translation of a language found in the instinctive process of remembering ancient wisdom:

The Jasmine Dialogues

6: Woooooh Nelly, comedian alert! My husband shared that he’d found a video blog by a young lady whose behavior reminded him of me when I get really silly and F-R-E-E! Jenna Marbles publishes a comic video every Wednesday. WARNING: not for viewing with your children. If cursing makes you uncomfortable, you may not enjoy this video blog. I recommend expecting a raw, un-restricted comic purge from the personal computer of a very creative young lady. Relax and let the laughs roll:


7: Written by a triathlete named Tammy, this blogger shares recipes, fitness strategies, travel experiences, and workout schedules. I have never seen this woman without a smile on her face:


8: This is a relatively new blog I heard about on the Sarah & Vinnie morning show! The writer is a businesswoman, marathoner, beauty, and mentor to the next generation of women. She advocates activity by sharing her personal stories and inspirations. Go girl- “Hurry Up”; don’t stop!!!!:

Hurry Up!

9: This blog features a family that has minimized their use of energy and resources while living with fresh style and evident quality of life! Prepare to be impressed!:

The Zero Waste Home

10: This video blogger takes us into his home and shows us the strategies he’s implemented to prepare for Peak Oil. Brilliant, practical, and clean in presentation, this blog is incredibly instructive!:

Mr. Energy Zcar

 11-15: I am focused on using fewer resources and less energy. I wholeheartedly believe that quality of life only increases as we simplify, so long as we have our needs met. These five bloggers are spreading the cheer they find in frugality, homesteading, and joining the land:

Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet

The Simplicity Project

The Frugal Girl

Agrigirl’s Blog

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Over 235 shares! Check out our most popular article about sustainability in relation to “The Hunger Games”: “The Hunger Games”… Fiction or Non-Fiction?.

Shout Out!

Hello, hello! Thanks for joining us. This is a shout out post, honoring the fabulous finds, suggestions and collaboration from readers & followers.


“The Jasmine Dialogues”

What?: A blog about “ecology, psychology, anthropology, art, activism, endurance”. Written by an ultra runner, this blog is about nature’s truth, found through distance running (one of the many perfect definitions of “bio-cadence”!).

Why?: The writer seems to discover his words by bouncing them along the cadence of his runner’s stride. He entices multiple themes, welcoming them into the rhythm of his breath. This blog opens the senses, dropping morsels of magic onto the reader’s skin, one after another. Upon finishing a post by “The Jasmine Dialogues”, my spirit is resonating in the frequencies of compassion and hope.

Shout Out: My dear husband- thank you for recommending this.

“Zero-Waste California Home”

What?: A concise and instructive article about the sustainable living practices of a family in Mill Valley, CA. “The less I have, the richer I feel. Stuff weighs you down.”

Why?: Biocadence seeks to find (and encourage others to find) the balance wherein sustainable living increases quality of life and adjustments do not feel sacrificial. This family has artfully defined their own bio-cadence by embracing the abundance found in simplicity and crafting a home out of it. (Zero Waste Home Blog)

Shout Out: Shannon- a dear friend and soul sibling I’m delighted to reconnect with. Thank you for sharing!

Hariyo Chowk

What?: An organization building an urban plot in Kathmandu. They are filling it with edible landscaping, surrounding it with art, and teaching the community through rejuvenating the soil.

Why?: Hariyo Chowk is infusing bio-cadence into Kathmandu. donates a portion of each sale to organizations promoting sustainable living. We celebrated Earth Day (in part), by making our first donation to Hariyo Chowk!

Shout Out: Give a Shit about Nature, a Facebook page defending the planet with a no-nonsense approach and splashes of humor. Thanks for sharing this on the Biocadence Facebook page!

Alonzo King LINES Ballet

What?: This ballet company mixes classic ballet with modern dance and hires world class athletes to perform artful choreography.

Why?: Each dance is an athletic feat. In our quest to find harmony, we often feel that we are balancing on a tight-rope (thanks, Beau at Evolving Creations, for this imagery). The LINES ballet manifests this balance in every layer of their performance. From the push/pull expression of their character interaction to the delicate balance of lightweight strength in the ballerinas’ bodies, the details infuse an essence of dualistic bio-cadence into the audience.

Shout Out: My mom. I can’t imagine going to the ballet with anyone else… as she is the only person I know who loves ballet as I do!

*Anticipating the show, I couldn’t resist painting ballerinas. Almost done!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Vegetarian Myth“, by Lierre Keith

What?: This is a book about health, sustainability and politics. With piercing clarity and flashes of anger, Lierre Keith shares her arduous process of abandoning her vegan diet.

Why?: This book teaches us why a vegetarian/vegan diet may not be the most sustainable option. It also teaches us why a vegetarian/vegan diet may take more lives than it saves. For more about my personal thoughts on this, read: Is Eating Meat Sustainable?

Shout Out: My nutrition mentor and dear brother, Marcus Wolford, gave me this book as a Christmas gift. I’m certain that it changes the lives of every one of it’s readers. It has changed mine.

A huge shout out to the blogs that mentioned my articles. Thank you! Keep up the great work:

The Earth Patriot

a diet for human physiology

Honorable Mentions:

Responsible Bathroom: I love this site… the silent communication in the visual, tracking water savings commitments, as a drop splashes the map… Thank you Melinda!

The Hub: A place (geographical and technological) to share solutions for a better world. Thank you Cheri!

“The Pizza Box Recycling Mystery”: This article teaches us why soiled pizza boxes are not recyclable. Contaminating the recycling process may cost up to $700 Million a year. Thanks for sharing, Erin! Thanks Liz, for sharing that you compost the soiled boxes through the municipal system. This is a great incentive for consumers to solicit pizza operations that do not use bleached boxes!

The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet: A daily blog about a “Mom Testing the Recipes of Life…Living Sweet & Savory…and Sustainable!”

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