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Earth Day ~ 8 Outdoor Activities

Happy Earth Day! I’ve made a list of outdoor activities I suggest adding to the calendar, along with some inviting imagery! I thought I’d share them! If you live in the Bay Area, I IMG_1758encourage you to use these ideas! If you’re a global sibling/neighbor, I hope that my descriptions will inspire you to plan for similar outdoor activities that are available in your surrounding landscapes! 

I joined my husband on a business trip to San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach over the weekend. We were sure to spend as much time as possible outdoors. I’m using pictures from our road trip in this post;)! 

  •  Lafayette Resevoir ~ 3849 Mt. Diablo Rd, Lafayette

Circle the dog-friendly paved trail while catching up with a friend, watch your toddler discover the intricate two-story playground, or run the rim trail for an active work-out! I also love to walk alone, breathing in fresh air, watching the shadows change as I round the reservoir, and stopping at one of the many waterside benches to rest, think, and record my thoughts.IMG_1769

  • Iron Horse Trail ~ 2698 Oak Rd, Walnut Creek

I use this trail for foot-and-bicycle transportation around Walnut Creek. Be sure to notice the chipper cadence of fellow walkers, joggers, and stroller-pushers, and in early spring open your senses to the delicious rhododendron fragrance!

  • Lake Merritt ~ 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland

On a leisurely summer weekend, I often fancy an energetic urban vibe. I love to gallivant along Lakeshore Avenue, choose from one of many small breakfast cafes, then burn some calories with a swift walk around the lake (if you have kids be sure to check out Children’s Fairyland!).

  • IMG_1742Stinson Beach ~ 43 Arenal Ave, Stinson Beach

When we need to hear the ocean, feel relaxed, and remember our connection to nature, a slow drive to Stinson Beach is an ideal day trip! We suggest leaving home early to miss traffic, rolling the windows down on curvaceous Highway 1, indulging in a savory breakfast at Parkside Cafe, then lounging wave-side with a favorite book.

  • Embarcadero ~ 1 Sausalito – San Francisco Ferry Bldg

Walk the Embarcadero, explore the piers, absorb the buzz of the city, and sample a few happy hour menus on your way back!  Grab a pitcher while gazing at views of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island on Pier 23’s sunny deck, and try the Pisco Sour at La Mar.

  • Dipsea Trail – Steep Ravine Loop ~  Pantol Ranger Station: 801 Panoramic Highway

Relish this moderately difficult 3.8 mile hike into the Redwood Forest and Steep Ravine! Cross short wooden bridges, appreciate the view of the Farallon Islands on a clear day, and get your blood pumping while marveling over how many of our ancestors may have explored this land through the ages.

  • Tilden Park ~ 600 Canon Drive, Berkeley

Take a steam-train ride with your youngster, soak in luxury at the botanic gardens, and escape into quietIMG_1770 on a hiking exploration of one of the area’s oldest parks! Don’t miss a visit to Tilden’s “Little Farm” followed by a relaxing picnic at Lake Anza.

  • Mount Diablo State Park ~ 96 Mitchel Canyon Fire Rd, Clayton

Pack plenty of water and snacks, summit Mount Diablo, and treasure the exhilarating view! Explore an extensive trail system, adore the wildflowers, and cheer for the cyclists trudging up a 17% grade.

How are you celebrating and honoring Earth Day? What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Thanks for reading! Squeeze hugs from Annie, at Biocadence.

What Makes You Feel Like Anything Is Possible?

IMG_1472What Makes You Feel Like Anything Is Possible? Expressing gratitude? Being in nature? Facing a challenge? Doing something kind for another… or for yourself? Looking into the eyes of someone you trust, and knowing that they see you? Behaving in alignment with your values rather than indulging in impulse? Surprising someone you love? The endorphin kick of a workout? Laughing so hard that you IMG_0717can’t stop? Hearing the infinite optimism of a child’s voice and laughter? Reciting affirmations or mantras? Meditation and/or prayer? Nutrition packed meals? Dancing to a favorite song? Letting silliness flow through you? Witnessing creation in one of its many forms… art, music, a sunset, birth, gardens? These are some of my many prompts to the feeling: Anything Is Possible. I would love to indulge in hearing yours!!


Sometimes I receive a whisper. Other times the sensation pulses through all of me, changing the smile on my face, the cadence of my step, the lift in my chin, the space around my body. And I think: I’m beautiful right now in the experience of momentary convening with grace. This beauty transcends feature-symmetry, a firm body, make-up, perfect hair, or fashionable clothing. It holds healing power as a beauty that can only be described poetically. This is a radiance that glows when one allows him/herself to be a vehicle for an almighty that isIMG_0089 universal across most religions: gracious goodness. When I try to keep it, own it, encapsulate it… it escapes me. It arrives in moments of surrender to just being… to awe and wonder… to quiet abandon of the need to think. When I see it in another, I want to holler: “Thank you!”, but find myself silenced by a hope that the spell may not be broken!

IMG_0927I’d like to deliver a wish that we will all acquiesce to more moments of hope! What makes you feel like anything is possible? Do it! Submit yourself to the goodness that is available to each of us! This allowance will foster the well of grace available to you;)!

Anything is possible today! Let’s lift our chins and spirits to optimism, and KNOW that we have something special to offer the world today. No one is just like you, and only you can manifest your unique IMG_1027combination of attributes and interests. Harness them, and package them for the betterment of our world! Consider what may be if we each identify who we came to this world to BE… what we came here to GET DONE. Find a place/venue/job/community that needs your particular strengths, rather than fretting over the spirit-diminishing task of changing self to fit a mold. However “utopic” this may seem, we can always move closer to the ideal we envision. I promise that trying will only yield positive results!

Squeeze hugs from Annie at Biocadence!

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