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Prop 35… Musings on Human Response to Oppression & Violence… What is the Connection Between the Environment and Feminism?

I like to focus my energy on promoting the joy we can find in the process of living more sustainably. However, sometimes it is appropriate to focus on the grave observations that may motivate us to honor our planet and the people who inhabit it. Enlightenment about the depth of interconnectedness of our global siblings AND our environment will assist our communities in achieving heightened respect for the environment AND for human rights. With the election coming, and Prop 35 on the ballot, I think it’s a good time to make the connection between environmentalism and feminism.

Early in 2012, I published an article on the Biocadence blog, discussing sustainability in “The Hunger Games” series: “The Hunger Games”… Fiction or Non-Fiction?. This article has far more views than any other Biocadence article, and I think it may be responsible for bringing in many of our global readers… helping Biocadence reach readers in 60 countries. In the process of pruning through my flip-cam videos, I found this song that I wrote just after finishing “The Hunger Games” trilogy and “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” series.

With the election coming soon and prop 35 on the ballot, I thought I’d share this video. I wrote this song as I processed my thoughts on what these trilogies might tell us about the violence, oppression, and violation that many women are going through today, and what so many generations of women may have experienced. I also thought about the many women AND men who may not have been directly exposed to the violence, but may have female mentors and caregivers who’ve passed down responses and behaviors associated to this oppression, without knowing it.

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